History of the School

Mark Vandehey is in his 32nd year and has been traveling to Japan every year since 1998.

The dojo is a small dojo with a family feel to it, but its ideology is on developing the skill and spirit of a warrior. This is not a sport dojo, nor is there any competition. The focus of a student should be personal improvement. We are only looking for serious students who want to learn a Koryu art of the past for the modern age.  The dojo is located in Albany, Oregon. If you would like to contact the dojo, you may do so through the email link below, or you may contact any of the dojos below for more information.   

The dojo promotes individuality and the idea of you progressing into your own unique movement with the feeling of the Bujinkan. 

The Bujinkan is an international organization created by Hatsumi Sensei to showcase and teach Ninpo and the Nine Ryuha he inherited from his teacher, Takamatsu Sensei.


These dojos are affiliated with Pacific Bujinkan:

Nathan Stephens of Hermiston.

Scott Wilson of Nova Scotia.

Rob Bascue of Northwest Bujinkan.

Justin Giacomazzi of Dallas

Kevin McGown of Chico Bujinkan

Brett McNeil of Portland

Shane Muir of Idaho

Richard Babb of Spokane


If you wish to contact me, please email at Jeriahsharin@gmail.com.  The email button is not working.